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We are currently taking applicants to test our new program and community platform.  If you would like to join us while we are in Beta testing mode and gain access at a discounted price, prior to it being open to the public, then get your application in quick. 

Our 6 week complete holistic detox program is starting in


Your Path to Wellness Awaits

Welcome to Pinnacle Naturopathy, home of the Toxins Be Gone (TBG) Complete Holistic Detox Program. We are your dedicated partners in achieving optimal health and wellness. Led by renowned Naturopath and Early Childhood Teacher Melissa Callaghan. We empower you to make sustainable changes for your ultimate well-being.

Melissa’s holistic approach addresses physical, mental, and emotional health through her four pillars of health. When you start treatment with us, you join a supportive community that guides you in nutrition, movement, stress management, and self-care. Our mission is to educate, empower, and support you, fostering a life of vitality.

Are you ready to break free from limitations and embrace a healthier, happier you? When you become part of our community you’ll gain access to exclusive content, educational resources, and a network of supportive individuals, giving you everything you need to thrive. Don’t wait any longer to prioritise your health and happiness.

Take the first step toward a brighter future. Join the TBG community and unlock your full potential. Book a 15 or 30-minute Strategy Session with one of our caring naturopaths and embark on your journey to vitality. Your path to a healthier you starts here!

Pillars Of Health

Pillar 1


Toxins are everywhere. The air you breathe, the food you eat, the people around you and what you put on your skin. Stress, mindset, additives, heavy metals, mould… there are so many things that interfere with your hormones and your neurotransmitters effecting your quality of life.

Pillar 2


Science has proven that 95% of your daily habits come from subconscious programming. This can impact every aspect of your life. Your mind is always looking for the easiest way to make you happy. This impacts your food choices the most, of course chocolate makes you happy. Change your programming and you can change your life.

Pillar 3


Above all else, guard your mind, everything you do flows from it. Your past can literally dictate your future. If we have experienced pain we will do everything we can to avoid it, even if it is good for us. Reframing the mindset to one filled with positivity can change your life.

Pillar 4


Above all else, guard your mind, everything you do flows from it. Your past can literally dictate your future. If we have experienced pain we will do everything we can to avoid it, even if it is good for us. Reframing the mindset to one filled with positivity can change your life.


Toxins are all around us. Learning how to remove them from all aspects of life is the first step


Second step is to repair some of the damage that has been caused by years of constant exposure


Learning what to eat, what products to use, how to reprogram your mindset is step number three

Sometimes we all need a little one on one and that's ok

Let us help you get to the root cause of your symptoms

Feeling overwhelmed by your symptoms and not sure where to turn? Imagine a life where your health struggles no longer hold you back. Book a 15 or 30 minute Strategy Session with one of our Naturopaths. We will listen to your concerns and understand how your symptoms are affecting your daily life. We will give you some insight into the root causes and build a strategy for you of what is needed to be done to get you back on track. Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. Book your appointment today!


Let’s get to the root cause of your symptoms. When you see one of our Naturopaths we like to get to the root cause fast to enable us to treat you quickly and effectively. We do this by using functional testing.

This is testing that is only available through functional practitioners rather than GPs. This gives us more detailed information on what is really going on rather than just testing on a surface level. 


As we have gained great insight into where your problems are, specifically to you, we are able to treat you more effectively and give you fast symptom relief while we work on prevention.

Repairing the cause of where your symptoms came from helps to prevent them from reoccurring. Instead of just a bandaid being put over the top only for your symptoms to come back when the bandaid is removed.


During the repair phase, part of the process will be taking supplements. At Pinnacle Naturopathy we only want you taking supplements until you no longer need them. We are whole food practitioners, which means we want you eating food for medicine and maintenance. 

Our goal is to have you back on track within six months no matter what your symptoms are. Sometimes this takes longer but it is still our goal.


You’ve made it. This is the balance we are always working towards. Our clinic prides itself in taking you off supplements and only using what we need to use for only as long as we NEED to use them.

Food is medicine, however this is only as long as you are able to break your food down ready for digestion and be able to absorb the nutrients and utilise them. You are what you absorb NOT what you eat.

Join our TBG 6 week complete holistic detox program, and you'll gain

What people are saying

Lizzie 45
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"I've been under the guidance of Pinnacle Naturopathy for a few years now, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Melissa's expertise and guidance have been instrumental in helping me make lasting changes to my health and wellness. Her recipes were easy to follow and delicious. Even the rest of the family enjoyed eating them."
Ella 32
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"Before working with Pinnacle Naturopathy and doing the TBG program, I had tried every diet and supplement under the sun, but nothing seemed to work. I was feeling frustrated and hopeless, until I found Melissa and her amazing support. Not only did she provide me with a sustainable and effective nutrition plan, but she also helped me focus on the mental and emotional aspects of my health and gave me the knowledge and skills to do it on my own. The support and encouragement from her has been invaluable, and I'm proud to say that I've made lasting changes to my health and well-being."
Mary 34
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“I have always struggled to stick to a program in the past, they just weren't sustainable, THIS IS SUSTAINABLE. This program changed how I eat and think about food as well as how I think about myself and my life. This is a whole life lifestyle shift, a whole life detox. It was easy and something I can keep doing for the rest of my life. I even learnt skills to teach the kids.”
Jess 29
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"I was hesitant to try yet another detox program, but as a patient of Pinnacle Naturopathy I was guided to do TBG's whole life detox, the whole life approach intrigued me. I was blown away by the results. Not only did I shed some unwanted kilos, but my skin cleared up and I felt more energised than ever before and felt I had a purpose in life and goals I want to achieve. I highly recommend the TBG detox to anyone looking to improve their health and live a better life."
Margaret 59
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“I had struggled for years and years trying to shift my menopausal weight gain and nothing ever worked, until now. Finally getting an understanding about the connection between hormones and combinations of foods I was able to make some change and I lost 3 dress sizes and reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol and was able to reduce medication”
Sarah 42
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"I've been struggling with my health for a really long time. I keep getting told that all my blood work is normal. I have tried every diet and supplement out there, but nothing seemed to work. Then I started at Pinnacle Naturopath and changed how I was eating, they ordered more accurate tests which showed exactly where my problems were. I did the repair work that was needed and then I did the whole life detox program. Not only did I see immediate improvements in my physical health, but also my mental health and my energy levels skyrocketed. Thank you for changing my life!"
Emily 33
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"I've tried countless programs in the past, but none have had the lasting impact. When you do a holistic detox, the focus on mindset and emotional wellness truly sets it apart. I didn't realise that how I thought and my habits were stopping me from reaching my goals I just thought it was about eating health and exercising.. I've learned to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a more positive outlook on life. I can't thank the team at Pinnacle Naturopathy and the TBG program enough for this transformative experience!"

Ready to take charge of your health?

Discover Freedom in Health and Happiness!

Feeling trapped in a cycle of health challenges and negativity? It’s time to break free and embrace a brighter future with the TBG 6 week complete holistic detox program.

Unlock the Secrets to Vibrant Living

Created and Led by the Melissa Callaghan, a renowned Naturopath and Early Childhood Teacher, the TBG detox offers you a chance to revitalise your life. Melissa’s unique approach addresses your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, paving the way for true transformation.

Join our 6 week detox program and gain:

Knowledge and Guidance: Learn to identify and eliminate toxins from your life.

Inner Transformation: Reprogram your thoughts and habits for lasting change.

Health Empowerment: Discover a proven system for achieving and maintaining your wellness goals.

Total Wellness: Experience a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your life.

Expert Support: Benefit from expert guidance on detox using whole foods and access exclusive resources.

Your Path to Wellness Awaits

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on a journey to better health and happiness. With the TBG 6 week complete holistic detox program and the community we are building by your side, you’ll have the support, knowledge, and skills needed to make lasting changes and create the life you deserve.

Ready to take the first step? Click on the link to find out what is included in our program. Join us now and start your transformative journey toward a healthier, happier you.

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